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Woodlawn Elementary

“Promoting a healthy self-image, positive attitude, and essential skills to live, learn and work in international society”

Woodlawn Elementary School, located on 5.1 acres of land in North Lawrence, has a long history and can trace its roots back to the earliest settlements in the area.  Originally named Fifth Ward School, in 1890 its teachers petitioned to have the name changed to Woodlawn because the building was surrounded by a wooded lawn of elm, birch and walnut trees. The original building burned to the ground in 1923, and a new school, also named Woodlawn, was built in 1924. Currently, Woodlawn serves 216 students in grdes K-6. Starting in the fall of 2007, the school offeres full-day kindergarten.

Did You Know? The Confidence in Kansas Public Education Task Force awarded Woodlawn Elementary its Challenge Award for inspiring high student achievement among populations with high ethnic and economic diversity.

Jeanne Fridell, principal
Woodlawn Elementary School
508 Elm Street
Lawrence, KS 66044-5401
Telephone: (785) 832-5920
Fax: (785) 832-5922
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